Riversdale Love Launch

Riversdale is more than a neighbourhood that is gentrifying. It is a chance at healing an old wound. It is a knife-edge on which a city stands.
— Allan Casey | The Walrus, 22 Oct 2014

Riversdale Love is an ambitious community-building project aimed at uniting our community in conversation. So on April 30, 2015 we gathered a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and experiences to answer, "what is your vision for the future of Riversdale?" 

A doctor. An artist. Developer. Entrepreneur. Food lover. Activist. Educator and more. They spoke about life in Riversdale from unique perspectives addressing health, art, housing, urban planning, indigenous identity, youth, business, design, and food security. See our complete list of speakers.

The audience had their say, contributing feedback to the speakers and ideas through an interactive art project lead by Jeff Nachtigall of Open Studio Projects

Those ideas from our speakers and audience are now the raw material for a manifesto that we're writing for Riversdale. And they are informing the next direction for Riversdale Love projects and events that aim to connect people within our community, celebrate our diversity, and build a neighbourhood that serves everyone. Stay connected by following Riversdale Love on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Souldatta Productions did an AMAZING job of capturing the speakers. Watch their presentations at the Riversdale Love website.

Photos by Matt Braden