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Great neighbourhoods don't happen by accident: they're built by community.

At Shift, we see neighbourhoods as ecosystems made up of people, businesses, and the built environment. Healthy neighbourhoods are made from healthy communities, where each component comes together to provide a better quality of life for each and every resident and visitor. Great neighbourhoods don't just look right, they feel right—something that we believe you have to experience on foot to truly understand.

We consider ourselves more than developers. We are community members with a vested interest in the success and long-term health of our neighbourhood. Whatever we put our hand to, we start with community need—doing what we can to contribute to the livelihood and daily experience of every member of our community.

Founded in 2009, we have grown and produced a rapid succession of urban infill projects and ventures. Each is situated in the core of Saskatoon, mostly in Riversdale. This is where we live, and it's where we do business. It's no accident that each of our projects is within walking distance of our office.

We are in a love affair with Riversdale, and as the neighbourhood continues to grow and evolve, we will do the same. We seek to build and create unique urban spaces, the kind that enable community, belonging, and a true sense of place.

Check out some of our community ventures to get a deeper sense of who we are and what matters to us.


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